GTA IV Gets the Selfie Mod, Let Me Take a Selfie

In GTA V, taking selfies became One of the most interesting and fun feature of the game and now, it’s available for GTA IV with a simple Mod. We all loved taking selfies in Rockstar’s latest title, didn’t we?

Now this Mod brings the selfies to GTA IV, although its pretty impressive but you need to perform one extra step after installation for this Mod to work properly.

You will need to disable the desktop composition which will temporarily disable the aero effect when the game starts and avoid the black photo bug. Black photo bug may happen in full screen mode if desktop composition is enabled. And according to the creator, the mod “makes possible take [sic] some ‘selfies’ in GTA IV, but here the photos are not related to the mobile phone, all script action.”

gta 4

The mod was started by Josemar santos and credit goes to him for making our GTA IV experience more enjoyable and fun. Grab a copy of the game, install the Mod and start taking those crazy selfies. And the next time Nico wants to take a picture of that special moment when he just shot someone in the head, he can.

In related news GTA V will be coming to PC and next gen consoles after a year long wait later this year. And of course, once the game is out on PC, gaming community will go nuts about and we can expect some crazy mods coming for the latest entry in the franchise.