Batman: Arkham Figure Unveiled by GameStop, It’s From Arkham City

Gamestop has unveiled a new and exclusive Batman figure, but this one is based on the Arkham City Armored edition and is not from the upcoming Arkham Knight installment.

Being produced by Diamond Select Toys, the company seems to be at least a couple of years late. Batman: Arkham City was released back in 2011 and while the toy comes too late, fans and collectors won’t mind adding this to their elite collection.

According to the toy’s description, it stands 10.25 inches horizontally and was sculpted by Dave Cortes. It’s available in the limited quantity of 500 and for all we know, pre-orders have already sold the piece out.

The figure will be released on February 2, 2015. Marked at $130, you can rest assure that this Armored edition will be spotted at Ebay after its release, where it will be going for at least twice of its normal cost.

There was quite the anticipating of a new Batman figure that would be based on the new Arkham Knight title. However, fans have grown a bit disappointed with seeing an Arkham City version. The new Internet assumption is that the collector’s edition of Batman: Arkham Knight will not even feature any such toy.

Only time will tell, and we have lots of it since the game is releasing sometime in 2015 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source GameStop