Another Xbox One Price Cut Announcement Coming at Gamescom?

We Might see a 349€ Xbox One Later This month.

Recently Microsoft reduced the price of the Xbox One by removing Kinect from the standard SKU. While it didn’t give a significant boost in sales, but showed that the company is trying hard to catch up with the PS4.

Just when Gamescom is around the corner and everyone is looking forward to the biggest gaming event in Germany, one rumor is suggesting another price cut which is hopefully to be revealed at the Microsoft’s press conference on Aug 12.

The following picture was sighted by one of the Neogaf users, which shows the Spanish version of the official Xbox website (mobile version).

xbox one

The sales figures revealed by Media control GFK suggests that the Xbox one has sold approximately 170,000 Units in Germany in the last nine months, while the PS4 is way ahead with 540,000 sold. That is more than double in sales.

The price drop might just be what Xbox One needs at the moment to make its presence known to its competitors. The console is currently priced at €373 without kinect, which was once heavily advertised and talked about by MS.

So, are you ready to believe that another price cut is possible so soon? Desperate times?