White Xbox One With Sunset Overdrive For Just €399? Count Me In

If a recent listing from French retailer MicroMania is to be believed, Microsoft may start selling a white version of the Xbox One this fall.

According to the listing, the console is priced at €399,99, which is the normal cost of the Kinect-less Xbox One. However, the package also comes bundled with a copy of Sunset Overdrive, ensuring that you enjoy your purchase with a free game.

White seems to be the color in demand these days. Microsoft last year gave away special white editions to the team behind the development of the Xbox One console. The community requested the company to make it available for them as well and Microsoft responded positively.

On the other side of the fence, Sony is also releasing a white colored PlayStation 4 bundle this fall with Bungie’s shooter Destiny.

Sunset Overdrive was revealed during Microsoft’s press event at E3 this June. The Xbox One exclusive title is an upcoming open world action third-person shooter from Insomniac Games.

In the colorful and vibrant world, players are tasked with taking down humans who have mutated after drinking too much of the new energy drink, Overcharge Delirium XT.

Source: Micromania