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Star Citizen Patch 12.5 Adds Fix for Rubber-Banding Along With Other Tweaks

The second module of Cloud Imperium Games’ space trading and combat simulator, Star Citizen: Arena Commander has received patch v.12.5. The said patch addresses several game balancing changes as well as one of the most annoying issue, rubber-banding.

Speaking of the newly released patch, CIG’s Travis Day stated that in order to overcome the rubber-banding issue, the devs have tried various fixes like altering IFCS code and game server codes:

You’ll know that one of our major focuses for this patch has been to resolve the persistent rubber banding issues that players are encountering in multiplayer. In our quest to resolve this particular issue we’ve investigated down many paths and put in place many potential fixes. Over the course of the past weeks we’ve been all through the IFCS code, network code, game server code, and many of the associated systems.

He further stated that with although each fix couldn’t deal with rubber-banding once and for all, all of those fixes have proven to make the game a better experience and improved the system’s resilience:

We’ve been resolving issues and improving/hardening each system along with adding a menagerie of useful debug tools that we’ll carry into the future. While not all of these fixes have been successful at addressing rubber banding specifically, they are all included in the current patch and do in fact resolve issues or otherwise improve the multiplayer game and improve the resilience of the systems.

Other minor improvements/additions include the addition of subscriber jukebox, victory/defeat/draw messages, voice announcements, Hornet top bar, and aurora warning lights.

For complete patch notes, head over to Robert Space Industries’ weblog!

Coming exclusively for PC, Star Citizen is expected to land sometime in 2015.