GTA 5 PS4 Edition will be Great if Lightning Strikes Look Like this on Current Consoles

We all know that Grand Theft Auto 5 was by far the best GTA game ever created by Rockstar Games. That includes the sales figures, the freedom, the addiction as well as the game’s visuals. Talking of visuals, we have always wanted a GTA 5 PS4 edition that would blow the minds; what we have now is another wishful thinking from a fan.

There are thousands of diehard fans for the Grand Theft Auto series who often spare time out for doing something more than just playing the game. For instance this person who walked around (or drove) the whole of Blaine County to collect some of the super impressive screenshots of lightning as it crashes.

Without doubt the images were captured at the perfect moment and I am sure it would have taken a lot of effort by the player to get hold of the perfect snapshot. However, cost bears a fruit and here we are with some of the most amazing scenes from the game.

The next step in Rockstar’s timeline is the release of GTA 5 PS4 edition as well as the Xbox One edition, while we know that the new consoles are surely going to get us a much more powerful visual experience, I would personally love to see something like this in the game.

So far we have been told that GTA 5 PS4 edition and Xbox One edition will be released sometime around fall 2014, but no specific date has been announced by the developers yet.