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VoidExpanse Drops Big Update, Goes Indiegogo

It’s been two months since VoidExpanse released a new version of its build in development, but it has been rather productive.  For update v0.93, it’s throwing down even more content than last time.

Now, the top-down shooter will have an actual trading system, which was a bit basic before. This element introduces supply and demand schemes and comes with trade routes, as well as shops in space stations receiving stock updates.

Depending on the station, different items will be available. For instance, weaponry is a specialty in military bases.

Speaking of which, missiles are put into update v0.93. It’s possible to rig a ship like a character in a roleplaying game (RPG), with different weapons, armor and so on.

For missions, VoidExpanse receives the possibility to shake hands with the Fanatics faction, one in several in the game. You’ll need to accept their values to be eligible.

VoidExpanse has their composer hard at work. With 18 new tracks, there’s nearly an hour of music and from the segments we heard in the game, the synth waves are rather sweeping.

While there were already character classes, their traits should be more impactful by now. From what we’ve played, it seems to take effect early on, favoring certain items and such, depending on the class.

Of course, update v0.93 once more comes with a slew of additions, from ships, equipment, quests and better physics. That last part in particular is shaping up from the earlier and sloppier builds.

Given this barrage of content is nearing release, VoidExpanse is looking to complete the game in style with a funding campaign. It just put up an Indiegogo page, asking for $15,000 to increase gameplay options, such as interacting with ships or the ability to use space junk.

Additionally, VoidExpanse has just popped up on Steam Greenlight. Early buyers will be given a key if approved.