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The Evil Within: Reverse Boxart, Character and Enemy Images Surface Online

Tango Gameworks have really turned heads with their upcoming survival horror title, The Evil Within. However, there still is time in the release of the game and a lot of details are still to be shared. in the same context, at least some details (in terms of images) have surfaced online.

The first and most interesting chunk of information is about a reverse boxart contest that Bethesda is holding. That is where the art is on the opposite side of the box art and you can flip over to see it.

On the Bethlog website, three options were shared out of which one is to be selected. Among the voters, 10 will be randomly selected and rewarded with a copy of the game signed by Mikami.

While that came from the official website of the publisher, a couple of other images have surfaced online. These images were shared by the developers in the shape of a booklet at a convention in Japan and have now been shared online by the company that published the booklets.

As you can see below, they show three of the characters from the game namely Sebastian Castellanos , Joseph Oda, and Julie Kidman along with a description which is – sadly – in Japanese.

Moving on, the same company also shared four images of enemies from the game which are Keeper, Laura, Sadist and Shigyo. We have been acquainted with the first three in the past but the fourth is probably a new one.

What do you think?

The Evil Within releases on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 14 in North America, October 16 in Australia and October 17 in Europe.