Skyhold is Your Base of Operations in Dragon Age: Inquisition

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, Skyhold is going to act as the player’s base of operations, a very own batcave for the protagonist and party members.

In a lengthy preview of the game in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK, we get to know more about Skyhold which is described as “detailed, cavernous, but more importantly, there’s more stuff you can do in Skyhold than on Commander Shepard’s ship.”

It’s true that the Normandy offered little interactive freedom but it was successful in giving us a homey feeling. So how does Skyhold fares? According to the preview, it will contain a tavern, stables, courtyard, and a kitchen.

Furthermore players will have their very own dungeon where they can imprison and interrogate people. There will also be a War Table which will serve as the go-to room for players for obtaining new missions. Completion of these side-quests will grant the player gold, loot, resources and agents who want to join the Inquisition.

More so, you will have to “pass judgment” on certain characters that will alter the course of the storyline.

The War Table will also contain Inquisition perks, “which draw on influence that you gain from exploring Thedas and completing quests.” There are four perk types: Forces, Secrets, Connections, and simply Inquisition. A Forces perk might increase your potion capacity by four; a Secrets perk might increase the XP you earn from picking up codex entries; one Connections perk grants better merchant offers on rare items.

It was also revealed that Skyhold will change as a reflection of which perks you favor. Although BioWare did not touch upon how exactly.

Skyhold looks to be massive in scale and RPG fans would be happy to know that BioWare will offer you the option of personalizing every aspect manually. You can select everything from the windows and throne, to the banner and drapes.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is scheduled for release later this year for every major platform.