Randal’s Monday On PC Will Get Clerks Randal’s Voice

Developer Nexus Games has a game in production called Randal’s Monday. It’s a PC game about a scruffy slacker called Randal, who isn’t particularly cheerful about life.

That character makes it the perfect candidate to link it to the movie series, Clerks, which features Randal Graves, a disgruntled misanthrope with generally unfavorable views. So, why is the link relevant now?

In the only logical conclusion, the developer managed to snag Jeff Anderson, who portrays Randal in the Clerks films, to voice the titular character in Randal’s Monday.  Nexus Games admitted to have some prior knowledge of the character, stating:

We are big fans of Jeff Anderson’s work but especially of his role in ‘Clerks’. When we first started to design this story in that filthy old garage, we could never have imagined that he would end up being the voice of our Randal.

Personally, our breakout Jeff Anderson role is as Deacon, a character in Zach and Miri who gets covered while filming a risky scene. Don’t look that up though.

Jeff Anderson Randal's Monday

Randal’s Monday is a point and click adventure, rolled up in a geek fest, which fits with Randal Graves’ profile as well. There will be numerous references from pop culture, including Star Trek, X-Men and more.

There is actually a rather dark connotation to Randal’s Monday and its plot. In the game, the protagonist is punished for selling off his friend’s engagement ring by getting stuck in a day that perpetually loops, like in Groundhog Day.

Before that happens though, his friend commits suicide, urging Randal to do the right thing and get the ring back, before that day ends.

Randal’s Monday is due in fall of 2014.