Next Mass Effect May Get Original Trilogy Characters, Mako and Customization Discussed

It wasn’t until the E3 2014 that BioWare let loose the first glimpses on next Mass Effect (Mass Effect 4?), but now that we have the first official word the developers are more open towards sharing details about different aspects of the game.

For instance, recently the studio traveled to San Diego for the Comic Con 2014 and shed some light on things like customization options in the game, the return of Mako and the possible return of characters from the original trilogy.

First off, they were talking about Mako, the least drive friendly tank of the series. However, the say that this time it ‘isn’t the Mako that you remember, this is a different Mako’ and went on to say:

The point here is that it is a really agile Mako, it’s different than the one you’ve seen before. There is no cannon on it. Maybe it can hover, maybe it can jump, I don’t know. We’ve [had] a lot of help designing it, it’s gone through a lot of iteration.

Moving on, customization is going to play a major role in Mass Effect 4. Vehicles (and probably Mako) are going to be customizable along with the cosmetic elements of the characters and ‘everything that you’re wearing.’

Last but not the least; we might get to be among the same characters that we have come to love in the original trilogy. As far as Shepard is concerned, he will neither be central nor playable in the story. They said that they want to create new experiences for the player but added:

We still want to bring in elements of what you know and love about the previous trilogy that might include certain characters and it might not. So guaranteed, either way that we end up going you’re going to see a certain amount of the old with the new.

You may check out the complete panel discussion in the video above; but once you have done that, make sure you scroll down and let us know what you think about the way next Mass Effect is shaping up.