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New Deep Down Screenshot Shared as Beta Details Get Delayed Again

Capcom is at it again; they have previously promised and missed out on providing details for the much awaited beta phase of their upcoming dungeon crawler roleplaying game, and now they have delayed it again.

Being the third time they changed the promised date for beta information, they had promised that we will know the plan of action by July. Just as soon as July ended, Kazunori Sugiura the producer of Deep Down at Capcom Online Games took to the official Facebook page of the game to announce the change of plans.

He went on to apologize for the delay once more and reassured that this doesn’t mean you need to worry about the game’s development which, according to him, is going good.

Moreover, as a consolation for the trouble, Sugiura shared a new screenshot from the game – you can see it above. Sadly, the description provided alongside the image is in Japanese which I am not good at. So we have had to rely on the online translations in order to find out whatever we can about it.

This image is from one of the dungeon traps – we were not told about the exact name of the location. The producer says that this part of the dungeon is reasonably unpredictable because it has random dungeon generations resulting in oddly placed blockages and stuff. In fact, Sugiura himself seems to have come across these traps many times while he was testing the game.

Check out the new screenshot for Deep Down and tell us what you think about the traps. The game is slated for a PlayStation 4 exclusive release sometime in 2015.