Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Features Cross-Region Multiplayer

Capcom has revealed the box art for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on 3DS, which in turn also gives a glimpse of some of the new in-game features.

Posting on the Capcom Unity Blog, the publisher mentioned that by looking at the box art fans can catch “a hunter on the Gore Magala’s back and the more subtle idea of terrain differences affecting gameplay manifesting itself in the archer on the right.”

More importantly though, Capcom has confirmed that North American and European Nintendo 3DS users will be able to play together locally or online when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate launches in the regions early next year.

“I’m proud to confirm that multiplayer in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will work amongst both North American and European versions, online AND locally!” said Capcom.

Its predecessor Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate restricted players on the 3DS to local play only unless you used the Wii U as a relay. The whole concept was strange and annoying. Online play was limited to your own region. An update later on through allowed both the NA and EU sides to play together.

It’s good to know that in the case of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, players will have that feature right from release day.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will dominate the 3DS in early 2015.

Source Capcom Unity