King of Wushu, A Martial Arts MOBA Announced for Xbox One

In the wake of Xbox One’s launch in China, Snail Games has announced a new martial arts MOBA title called King of Wushu that will be making its way to Xbox One and PC.

The announcement of the game was accompanied by a teaser trailer, which you can see in the video above.

This new game is a sequel to Age of Wushu and will take place in the ancient China where the emperor has just died and there is chaos everywhere.

Here is how Snail Games describe the gameplay of the upcoming MOBA title:

King of Wushu builds on the gameplay of traditional MOBAs, pitting players in 5-on-5 matches across a battle map, with the objective of defending one’s own base and defeating the opposing team. Additionally, players will get to experience new MOBA dynamics through King of Wushu‘s full 3D world and action combat system, which includes dodging, jumping and attack combos.

Developers also revealed that the game is being developed with the CryEngine 3 to give players better visuals that will be worthy of being called a next-gen title.

Currently, King of Wushu is in early stages of its development, so don’t expect to see it releasing for either Xbox One or PC any time soon.

Does this new entry in MOBA genre peaks your interest?