More Evidence for GTA 5 Zombie DLC Found, Is That a Menu Screen?

Ever since Rockstar released their most successful title to date, people have been head over heels; first, about the original content of the game and now about every small rumor about the upcoming expansions. The latest chunk of grapevine that we have for you is about a supposed GTA 5 Zombie DLC and the evidence for its existence.

In the video above, you will see known gumshoe Chr0m3xMoDz talking about his latest finding from within the source code of the game. He says that he is pretty confident that we are soon going to get zombie infested in GTA 5!

Apparently, he has come across a DLC selection screen which could be the basic structure of a menu where you get three options namely GTA, Trevor and Dead. Upon selecting Dead, the game checks for the DLC and then checks for SPZOMBIES.

Now, that kind of a hint is pretty much straightforward and it can only mean one thing, blood drooling, flesh eating undead! I’m pretty siked!

However, for now this is only an evidence for a GTA 5 Zombie DLC relating to the singleplayer game, we might and might not get it in the multiplayer.

Check out the video above, but make sure you wait for an official confirmation from the makers of GTA 5 before really betting your dimes on it.