Generic Royal Quest MMO Has So Many Monsters

Publisher 1C Company is branching out into the massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre with Royal Quest, which went up on Steam just now. It’s a traditional free-to-play roleplaying game (RPG) in the usual colorful environments.

If we’re impressed by one thing in this game, it isn’t the generic setup, but the huge variety of it. There are monster designs to reflect a huge amount of creatures, from walking coffins to a chainsaw-handed harlequin.

You can fight a giant Frankenstain rat in Royal Quest! Now that’s a boss fight right there.

In total, the game is said to include 1000 quests in six regions, with 8 classes to choose from. Combat will be divided into elemental categories, such as Fire, Air and so on, in the usual duality of weaknesses and strengths.

Another system Royal Quest tries to pass off as unique is the ability to compete in player versus player versus environment areas. This is actually something that’s been phased out of MMO’s, since it means you could fail and just grind objectives forever, but as long as it stays contained, it hopefully won’t be an issue.

Guild play allows players to fight together to conquer up to 8 castles per week. There are also dedicated Arenas and Battlegrounds for competitive play.

While Royal Quest is free-to-play, the first week will be open only to those who purchase the monetized downloadable content (DLC) at either €19.99 or €49.99. Currently, these are running at a 10% discount.

Packs contain helpful potions and stat boosts, along with premium accounts for more experience. Its more costly version also comes with mounts and pets.

We have to admit, that’s quite the strange business model and all those boosting items mixed with competitive play sound like a tricky model. Those monsters though; they’re so pretty.

One of your mounts looks exactly like a Chocobo. We love that way more than we should.