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Gears of War Xbox One Will Stick to “Core Essence of Gears”

Rod Fergusson, who acted as the executive producer on the first three Gears of War titles, left Epic Games shortly after the release of the third installment.

Having spent the next two and a half years working with various names, including Bioshock Infinite from Irrational Studios, Fergusson announced that he would be heading to Microsoft’s Black Tusk Studios and in doing so reuniting once again with the Gears of War franchise.

A recent lengthy interview with him, conducted by Polygon, gives a good rundown on Fergusson’s career and what he plans to do with the new Gears of War title for the Xbox One.

While a new installment in the iconic franchise for a new console sounds exciting. Fergusson stated that he has no intention of changing the game just for creativity sakes.

“It’s about staying true to Gears,” he said, a statement that will be bringing a lot of smiles on the faces of fans. “It’s more about just hearkening back to what is the core essence of Gears.”

As for the game’s core mechanics like the cover system, quick reload and combat elements, Fergusson said that Black Tusk won’t be changing anything, at least for now. He spoke of them as “uniquely Gears” things that just cannot be drastically changed or replaced.

“With Black Tusk, we have to show that we have a legitimate claim to this IP and be able to show we know how to do it right before we do it differently,” he said. “So I think there’s a combination. It’s about finding the right things to change. And there are some things that even though people try to copy us, we don’t think they’ve nailed.”

When Microsoft shifted the development of Gears of War from beloved Epic to Black Tusk, many fans were agitated and wondered if things would go terribly wrong. From what Fergusson has said, it seems he has everything under control.

Source: Polygon