Far Cry 4 Dev Diary Part 2 Continues to Explore Nepal and Its Adventures

Far Cry 4 dev diary part 2 showcasing the Himalayas has been released in which the developers continue their travel to the northern areas of Nepal and show the locations that will be part of the upcoming open world title.

The dev diary includes temples, incredible mountains and other awesome looking landscapes. If you are among the people who enjoy the adventures and sightseeing, then do watch this video and be ready to be amazed by the beauty of the nature.

Far Cry 4’s fictional city of Kyrat is actually inspired from the Himalayas region of Nepal, which is why developers are travelling to these locations to show their community that everything included in the game will feel like they are from the real place.

In addition incredible open world environments of the game, Far Cry 4 will also feature ride-able animals including Elephants, which will help you cause a lot of chaos in the game’s world.

Other than that, some local vehicles have also been added to the game to aid the overall realism.

Far Cry 4 is shaping up to be yet another amazing entry in the series, but we will see if it lives up to its hype when it finally releases for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC on 18th of November.