Destiny – How to Level Up Beyond Level 20

Did you get a chance to dive into open-beta of Bungie’s Destiny and got frustrated to learn that your character cannot go past Level 20? Well, it turns out that you need to scavenge Motes of Light in order to grow your character past Level 20.

In an exclusive interview with IGN, Bungie’s Sandbox Designer, Sage Merrill demonstrated his Level 29 Titan which aside from looking brilliant, revealed some details on how players can level up their characters past Level 20.

Check out the video above and soon you will see some information popping up over Titan’s head. According to this information, in order to grow your character past Level 20, you need to find ‘Light containing Armour’.

Furthermore, once your character has hit Level 20 mark, all earned XP is automatically converted into a character’s progress towards Motes of Light.

You will also note that Merrill’s Titan has a stat. of 118 Light which according to an educated guess means that higher the Light stat. the faster will be your character’s XP will convert into Motes of Light and consequently into levelling up your character.

Check out the video above and share your theories with us in the comments below!

Bungie’s Destiny is slated to release on September, 2014 across Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4.