Bayonetta 2 Dev Blog Explains Lighting and Water Effects With Images

The Lead Background Artist for Bayonetta 2, Shohei Kameoka has shared some interesting details on Platinum Games dev. blog.

Speaking of his responsibilities, Kameoka stated that it is his job to look after water, air, lighting, and other indefinite objects in the world environment. Since most of the environments in the game revolve around water theme, Kameoka wanted to make it more realistic:

In Bayonetta 2, many of the environments have a water theme, so I really wanted to make water in the game look beautiful. I tried to come up with some key concepts for water and worked off of the following: transparent, shining, clean, cool, something you would want to feel, something you would want to dive into.

Along with these effects, lighting plays an integral role in how these things flesh out. Here are some demonstrative images to give you a better idea of how these things work together.

In this picture, you won’t see any lighting or shadow details which makes it feel like a 2D image:

Bayonetta 2 [3]

This image only shows lighting, building structures, and depth of shadows:

Bayonetta 2 [2]

This is the resulting image created by merging both the images provided above:

Bayonetta 2

Some final touch-ups and here the final result:

Bayonetta 2

Strictly speaking of the images above, the effects indeed look amazing, and it’d be interesting to see how the devs will incorporate it into other environments.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know!