Battlefield 4 Glitch Allows Players to Combine Two Classes

If you ever thought what it would feel like playing as two classes at once in Battlefield 4, then you’re in luck because the game actually has a bug that allows just that.

Spotted by BF4Central, the relatively simple-to-do bug lets players choose and combine two classes before spawning in game to take advantage of both sides of the fence.

In a tutorial video uploaded, the player combines the Engineer and Support class to equip a rocket launcher, along with an ammo bag. That translates into unlimited rockets and unlimited pain for your opponents’ vehicles.

In order to make the glitch work, players need to first pick a class and select one gadget while leaving the other slot open. Then for the next desired class, do the same but in reverse. When spawning, hit the R1 and L1 buttons (on the Xbox, hit the R buttons), and you will now spawn with a combined class. On PC, you’ll require to quickly press the Shift and Control keys.

This is just another bug for DICE to solve. Since this is quite the game-breaking, it could see to high priority and a fix would be released soon. Then again the rubber-band lag is still plaguing the game since its release. Honestly, don’t expect the fix to arrive any time soon.

The next installment in the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield: Hardline was recently announced to have been pushed back to 2015. A good decision on their part, since EA simply cannot afford another Battlefield 4 fiasco.

Source BF4Central