Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Devs Consider 1080p on Xbox One, a Challenge

By   /   Jul 31, 2014

More often than not we have seen users complaining about the resolution that games achieve on Xbox One, equally often we have seen developers blaming Microsoft’s eSRAM for it.

It hasn’t ended and we have another name among the developers who think it is not a walk in the park to churn out 1080p on Xbox One. The developer I am talking about it CD Projekt Red and the game being talked about is Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Balazs Torok, who is the lead engine programmer for the upcoming action role playing game Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, was talking about the challenges that the development team has been facing with regards to making the game. While talking about the issues that the Polish studio has faced at the hands of the eSRAM, he said that instead of being an advantage, it was a challenge:

I would say that targeting Full HD with a complex rendering pipeline is a challenge in terms of ESRAM usage. Especially when this pipeline is built on deferred rendering. We are definitely taking advantage of the ESRAM on Xbox One, and we know that we have to fit into these limits, so we are constantly optimizing the usage.

Although Microsoft has maintained a stance that the inclusion of the eSRAM could actually benefit the developers if they developed using the correct tools, we have seldom seen development studios agreeing to that notion.

I think we can trust CD Projekt Red to ensure a 1080p resolution on Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, do you?

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