Vote For Your Favourite The Evil Within Box-Art and Get a Chance to Win the Game

By   /   Jul 31, 2014

It’s been a long time since I saw a cover art as good as the cover art of Tango Gameworks’ upcoming survival horror game, The Evil Within. Still, what works for me doesn’t necessarily have to work for you since we all have tastes in this department.

Keeping this in mind, Bethesda Softwork is polling fans to choose which alternate cover art should be bundled with the game. The alternate cover will be printed at the back of the game’s default cover and players will have a choice of swapping it over:

The first time everyone in a group laid eyes on the cover for The Evil Within, we were pretty sure we nailed it. The cover encapsulates the peril you’ll experience playing the game.

But is it for everyone? So as to make sure everyone has a say, we’re presenting three alternate cover options — one of which will be the reverse sleeve for the launch edition of The Evil Within.

Voters have until Aug. 8, 2014 to make their vote count and can choose from a total of three cover arts which are showcased below:

In addition to voting, players also have a choice of winning one of 10 copies of the game, signed by the game’s director Shinji Mikami. To enter, simply vote on any of the cover art and email your choice to

For more details and set of rules, check this link!

Personally, I’m all in for the Piercing Eye. What about you?

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