Star Wars Battlefront Developer Confirms Planet Tatooine

Did you know DICE has recently claimed that Star Wars Battlefront is going to be the best Star Wars game ever? I wonder how they are going to pull that one off, but one thing that comes as a prerequisite of a great game is great locations.

It looks like the developers are ensuring the best in that reference at least. The latest chunk of news we have for you is confirming that the upcoming first person shooter game is going to include the Planet Tatooine!

One of the developers at DICE, Daniel Cambrand posted a link to an article discussing the future of Star Wars Battlefront and the universe in general. This is where they were talking about certain locations that are going to be featured in the game and mentioned the Planet Tatooine.

Apparently, it has been created using filming of the Tunisian Deserts.

Though the article is in Swedish, here’s a translation (ignore the classy grammar):

This loyalty has taken the form of the team travelling to the environments in which the films were made. The planet Hoth (Norway), the planet Endor (the California redwood forests), the planet Tatooine (Tunisia’s desert). Everything to make the games graphical representation of the worlds as authentic as possible.

Well, since a developer has urged us to read up on it from the source, I see little reason to doubt its authenticity. What do you think?

Star Wars Battlefront is currently being developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is expected that it will be released on all the aforementioned platforms by the second half of 2015.