Risen 3: Titan Lords Gets an Hour of Footage

By   /   Jul 31, 2014

Deep Silver streamed Risen 3: Titan Lords yesterday, giving us almost an hour of footage. Sadly the quality of the stream broke down much of the starting area. To escape the annoying audio hissing, fast forward past the first 15 minutes. There isn’t really anything happening before then, so you won’t be missing out on much.

The game seems to be fairly in the early stages of development which is a surprise since the game’s release on PC is just a couple of weeks away. It’s possible that Deep Silver was using an earlier build for the stream, which is once again surprising.

In the live footage, the developer plays through the opening areas, attacking minions and searching for a hellhound. In all the hectic questing, he still remembers to join a mage’s guild.

The gameplay has a fair bit of stuttering when moving around the open world. However, since this is probably an “early build” such issues are common. It could also be that it’s an issue from Twitch’s side and it’s simply some sort of lag in the stream.

A couple of weeks ago Piranha Bytes revealed Demon Hunters in Risen 3: Titan Lords. They are one of the three factions in the game and you’ll have to side with one of them. Your decision of siding with a faction will give you multiple rewards in terms of skill sets and armors. Also, your decision to side with one group will impact the overall experience. In addition to that, each faction will have its own specific quests that you will be able to complete to get additional experience.

A description given about Demon Hunter indicates that they will be very powerful allies to have in the game as they will possess the best weapons and armors that are available in that time.

Risen 3: Titan Lords is scheduled for release on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on August 12.

Watch live video from DeepSilver on Twitch

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