League of Legends Patch 4.13 Readies the Game For World Championship

By   /   Jul 31, 2014

League of Legends World Championship is scheduled to take place in September and Riot has already started the preparation for the tournament.

On its official website, Riot notes that this year’s tournament will include a lot of diversity in the PvP gameplay and to make that happen, numerous patches will be released for the game before the event starts.

First of these promised patches has already made its way to the game and this is what Riot has to say about it.

Welcome to patch 4.13! With the World Championships on the very near horizon, we’re ramping up our efforts to promote more diversity in competitive play (boy are you going to hear this a lot). While this patch might seem really big – and it is! – it’s more about the breadth of changes than any deep shakeups. What that really means is we’ve got about 40+ patch entries, but each change alone isn’t going to be very significant in isolation.

As Riot mentioned above, this patch brings a lot of new changes to the regular gameplay which though won’t seem considerable individually but will contribute to the overall competitive experience.

The group stage of upcoming League of Legends World Championship is going to start in September, while the final is set to take place on 19th of October at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Source: LOL

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