Iceberg Interactive Bringing Killing Floor 2 To Retail

By   /   Jul 31, 2014

Publisher Iceberg Interactive has announced that they’ll help Killing Floor 2 make it to retail outlets in Europe. While developer Tripwire Interactive self-publishes titles on Steam, the Dutch publisher will also assist them on other digital platforms.

Hereby, the companies continue a cooperation, particularly for retail, which they’ve sustained for some time now. Killing Floor was one of the breakout hits for Iceberg Interactive and games like Red Orchestra and Rising Storm have bolstered their mutual catalog since.

In Killing Floor 2, the game will return to the monster-infested apocalypse the series is used to. Events occur one month after the original and still feature bloody carnage and scary enemies.

A new gore system allows players to send “entrails, severed limbs, and blood flying,”as they go through various European locations. Aside from singleplayer, Killing Floor 2 supports up to 6 players cooperatively.

Zeds, some of the fan favorite enemies, are back in this iteration and they’ve reworked their design to act more intelligently. These foes will work together to corner survivors.

Combat gets a tweak in Killing Floor 2 as well. Melee will now allow for more precise, bone-crushing strikes, a little like Dead Island, while weapons will include “mad scientist” tiers of items.

Perks from the original game have been updated and several more have been added. So, there are quite a few things to look forward to.

Killing Floor is one of the biggest sleeper hits for PC titles. To this day, thousands of Steam users still play the original, which released in 2009. For slanted reference, there are currently more people playing the shooter than people playing titles like Portal 2 or The Elder Scrolls Online on Steam.

There’s no current date for Killing Floor 2, but it will be shown to press at Gamecom 2014, so there’s bound to be more news soon.

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