FIFA 15 Latest Trailer Sheds Light on New Agility and Control Features

By   /   Jul 31, 2014

EA Sports has released a new trailer of FIFA 15 to showcase how the Agility and Control will work in the upcoming Football title.

In the video posted above, senior producer Nick Channon shares that with the new agility and control features, you will be able to control the players on the pitch more effectively than before.

Furthermore, the ball will react very realistically as every single touch by the players on the field will feel more realistic, which means that even a little bit of deflection on the ball will impact the gameplay.

Also, the movements of the players will reflect their real life counterpart to give more realistic experience to the players.

In addition to that, slide tackles have been made more effective as you will be able to get the ball back if you manage to successfully time your tackle.

These new features will surely improve the overall gameplay experience and with Ignite Engine used for FIFA 15, expect the visuals to be revamped as well.

EA Sports is looking to make FIFA 15 the biggest title in the series yet but it will not be an easy task by any means.

However, little steps will go a long way and we may very well get to see another great entry in the world’s most popular football franchise.

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