Dragon Age: Inquisition Tactical Mode Allows You to Counter Your Opponents With Good Strategy

By   /   Jul 31, 2014

As revealed before by Bioware, Dragon Age: Inquisition will allow players to tactically take control of the battlefield which will feel a lot similar to the RTS games. In a new video, developers have showcased how this new feature will work in the game.

Just like RTS games, Dragon Age: Inquisition Tactical mode will give you an over-the-top view of the whole battlefield so that you can have a better look at what exactly is happening in your surroundings.

This feature will be available during combat, as you will have the option of pausing the game that will stop all the action, then you will be able to give orders to all your team members, so that they act accordingly when the game is resumed.

The commands that you will be able to give your team members include attacking a certain opponent, defending a specific location, reviving an ally, moving to a location and much more.

In addition to giving orders, this tactical mode will also allow you to know about your opponents in detail, so that you can plan your attacks knowing what they are capable of doing.

This new addition to Dragon Age: Inquisition is looking great, but we will see how it plays out in the game when we finally get our hands on it on November 18th.

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