DayZ Standalone 0.47 Build to Bring Loot Respawns, Persistent Items and More

By   /   Jul 31, 2014

Don’t you sometime feel like getting it over with the Early Alpha phase of DayZ Standalone and get on with the full game? The feeling is mutual. However, we are not there yet, and the developers are still rolling out small updates and improvements to the game every now and then to bring the game closer to the finish line.

Couple of days ago, the developers introduced a new way of sharing the game’s progress through ‘status reports’ on the official blog of the game. This is where the highlights are given and some of the developers working on the game talk about what they have done in the last week.

As of now, we have been told that the upcoming DayZ version 0.47, build 124641 is going to add a couple of new things to the game namely: zombie and player ragdoll physics, navmesh for zombie pathfiinding, persistent items and storage, loot respawns, player movement control redesign and firearm balances.

In the latter half of the status report, they also shared the overall progress.

Chris, the game’s lead artist confirmed that the SMERSH vest was almost ready to go and that they had added a WWII monument to the game too. This comes along with Baikal MP133 and Rossi R93 weapons as well as new animals and crafting of animal hides.

Lead designer Peter confirmed the new animals to be wild boar, rabbit and cow. He also explained the new movement controls that were being tested as well as the suggested controls setup.

You might want to read up on the status report for the week ended July 28 if you wish to know all about the DayZ version 0.47.

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