Crytek Sells Homefront To Deep Silver, Shifts UK Studio, Stops Games In US

By   /   Jul 31, 2014


Development studio Crytek is in some pretty hot water. Today, the company announced that its new American house, Crytek Austin, will stop producing games. It was working on a new project, titled Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age.

In addition, US staff that isn’t working on the CryEngine tools has been asked to reapply for work at Crytek Frankfurt, halfway across the globe. Hunt will follow, shifting to the German studio, but that’s a rather steep demand.

This is extra painful, since Crytek Austin was housing employees from Vigil Games, previously known for the Darksiders series, before their publisher in THQ went under. This is the second time that they’ll be shot down in a rather acute manner.

Speaking of which, Crytek also sold off the Homefront intellectual property (IP) to Koch Media. Subsidiary Deep Silver will move the game’s production to their Nottingham developer Dambuster Studios.

According to a recent statement from the affected company, Dambuster Studios will be populated by members from Crytek UK, so those people are shifting allegiances as well.

Homefront was also a part of the THQ properties bought off by Crytek. It looks like the company went over their head, trying to juggle too much at once. They’ve been crumbling with reports of debts due and people leaving ever since.

In previous business shifts, the developer stated that it would stop making conventional games, instead putting all their money on free-to-play models. With this new idea, Crytek released the shooter Warface and in addition of Hunt, it’s making Arena of Fate.

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