Trials Fusion Adds Riders of the Rustlands DLC

By   /   Jul 30, 2014

Arcade Platform racing hybrid Trials Fusion has received some downloadable content (DLC) by the name of Riders of the Rustlands. It shows locations on the fringes of the normal Trials environments.

Things look oddly post-apocalyptic outside of the game’s luscious worlds. Here, the brown scrapyards were patched together from whatever resources were scavenged.

It’s a bit like Mad Max, except you’ll need to do flips and crazy jumps during your fight for survival. This DLC switches between desert maps and more snowy landscapes.

In total, there are ten new tracks. Six are classic Trials events; then there are two Supercross tracks, a skill game and an FMX portion as well. There are also 18 new challenges to tackle.

Creators will get some new goodies to play around with as well. This has in it the obligatory dune buggy, because every post-apocalypse needs at least one.

Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion

There’s a trailer that shows off all of this DLC goodness for Trials Fusion, which comes with flaming pipes, giant trees and a ton of crashes. We’re trying really hard to ignore that there’s a split second of an episode of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire presented by a giant penguin.

Riders of the Borderlands Rustlands is available for €4.99. Additionally, a Season Pass costs €19.99 and will make sure you get all six DLC packs that are planned for Trials Fusion.

Publisher Ubisoft additionally gave some info about Empire of the Sky, the next DLC in line for the arcade title. It will be out in August and feature floating islands.

Recently, Trials Fusion celebrated one million players. It sounds like you folks enjoy the pain of defeat.

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