Steam Borderlands Multiplayer Soon, Transfer Game Now

By   /   Jul 30, 2014

While everyone is dreaming about the upcoming iterations, the original Borderlands is troubled with some multiplayer woes, due to GameSpy’s exit. Now, players of the first game in the series will be able to start a migration to Steam.

On the community page for the game, the developers put up an update that removes the SecuRom digital rights management (DRM) from Borderlands. In addition, a “Granting Tool” has been made available to turn a retail copy into a Steam version.

To access this Granting Tool, you need to hop into the “Tools” section of your library. It’s where you find your level editors and dedicated servers and such, if you’re not the technical type.

Moreover, downloadable content (DLC) keys bought from outside of Steam should now also be transferable. A news prompt should be available in-game as well, notifying of the full changes.

Borderlands isn’t a full Steamworks title yet. That’s still coming up. With other iterations planned for the franchise, support can’t possibly be running full-on for an older release.

Developer Gearbox Software is working on a “pre-sequel” for Borderlands. Moreover, the series will branch out to Telltale Games, who will feature it as one of their known adventure brands.

Outside of just Borderlands, Gearbox is working on a remade version of the classic Homeworld games. It also announced a new property, Battleborn, which will merge shooters and arena games into one.

Borderlands, the very first one, dates back to 2009 by now. That’s five years ago. Does anyone else feel a little old?

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