Nintendo Reports Over $90 Million In Losses, Again

By   /   Jul 30, 2014

Financial reports for Nintendo are rarely doing well lately and the announcements for the first quarter are sadly just as negative. In the reports, the company has stated a loss just shy of $10 billion yen, translating to over $90 million in losses.

During the period between April and June, Nintendo was able to sell 510,000 Wii U consoles. Primarily, this is due to the strong release of Mario Kart 8.

In that same amount of time, the new racing game climbed up to 2.82 million copies, which is quite an impressive figure for the company right now. Here’s the problem though: Mario Kart 8 makes up well over half of all sold games across the board.

In total, the Wii U had 4.39 million software shipments. Outside of the NES Remix pack in Japan, there weren’t really any notable titles released during this quarter, indicating a problem.

During its lifetime, the Nintendo Wii U is now up to 6.68 million units. For reference: As of April, the Playstation 4 is already up to 7 million units and the Wii U has been out since 2012.

Things are a little better for the Nintendo 3DS, but not as good as its compared sale last year. In 2013, the handheld sold 1.3 million by now, while this fiscal quarter it rose to 820,000.

A total of 8.57 million software units were reached for the 3DS, though none of the recent releases managed to become a million-seller. Instead, Nintendo states “wide popularity” for games like Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Tomodachi Life.

Over 44 million units of the 3DS have been sold in its lifetime. At least that’s a pretty sturdy number.

Games like the Pokémon remakes and a Super Smash Bros are due for this holiday season. There’s also Hyrule Warriors or Bayonetta 2.

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