Hearthstone Has Buying Issues For The Plague Quarter

By   /   Jul 30, 2014

While the Curse of Naxxramas is a big community draw for Hearthstone, the expansion project is currently undergoing some nasty buying issues. Its second batch of content, The Plague Quarter, was recently released, but users are getting “purchase failed” notices when trying to unlock it.

Normally, a wing of the Curse of Naxxramas expansion can be unlocked for $7, which is 700 gold in-game. Trying to complete a transaction, however, leads to The Plague Quarter remaining inaccessible.

Worse yet, some users are reporting being charged for the purchase regardless of the error occurring. Some who do get to unlock the new expansion are being charged twice.

Currently, developer Blizzard is working on solving the issue. In a forum post, the company has posted what the normal order of business should be if any user encounters any of the following errors:

  • For failed purchases made by gold, the gold will be released back to you within 10 minutes or so.
  • For failed purchases made by cash on PC, the money will be released from your bank within 72 hours (per your financial institution’s policies)
  • For failed purchases made by iTunes on iPad, the money will be reimbursed according to apple’s policies.
  • For all cases where more than one purchase was successful (gold, cash, or iTunes), our development team continues to review and work towards a resolution for these.

Again, users are reporting money not being refunded in the allotted time, not even after almost an hour. A post also mentions that you need to log out of Hearthstone first and come back later, in case you’re currently on the wrong side of this troublesome issue.

At its core, Hearthstone is a free-to-play game. The Plague Qurter is the second of five wings planned for Curse of Naxxramas.

Stay safe out there.

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