Guild Wars 2 The Dragon’s Reach: Part 1 Live Now

By   /   Jul 30, 2014

Publisher Ncsoft has announced the release of The Dragon’s Reach: Part 1 in Guild Wars 2. This multi-tiered event is part of the Living World chapter of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, now on to its second season.

These huge events transform a large portion of the world for the new content. For elements in The Dragon’s Reach, this comes with an obvious new threat.

Guild Wars 2’s world of Tyria is under attack from the Elder Dragon Mordemoth, who sends out minions into many regions of the land. Different races in the MMO will face individual enemy types, from ghosts to weird anomalies.

There are also vines sprouting, attacking people all the way to Ascalon. Players will need to go untangle some choke points where this vermin is popping up. Entanglement was the previous Guild Wars 2 update, but its remnants are still there.

The Dragon’s Reach will come with a Story Journal. This allows challenges to be revisited once the chapter is completed. Obstacles should become increasingly more difficult to conquer.

Additionally, the new chapter comes with new kites: The Ventari Follower, Prosperity Mine, and Crystal Shard Kite toys. These increase the movement speed while carried. It’s possible to craft a back item that will grow as this adventure continues in further episodes.

Recently, Guild Wars 2 released in China. In doing so, the MMO managed to largely boost its sales by a few extra million, which isn’t exactly peanuts.

It’s one-of-its-kind in China, as the game requires a game to be bought first, while the market there favors free-to-play more. Still, Guild Wars 2 doesn’t require a subscription plan like it’s recent peers in Wildstar or The Elder Scrolls Online.

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