Europe Gets Boxed inFamous: First Light In September

By   /   Jul 30, 2014

Europe will be receiving the inFamous: First Light expansion as a physical disc on September 10, 2014. This is made possible due to the fact that the additional content will be released as a standalone version.

Playstation Europe made the announcement through Twitter yesterday, stating:

NEWS! inFAMOUS First Light coming as a standalone PS4 Blu-ray disc in Europe 10 Sept 2014 #4ThePlayers PACKSHOT ->

inFamous: First Light

There’s no price announcement for the retail version, but the digital version costs €14.99, so it’d be unusual for the price to differ too much. That digital version will be available sooner, at the end of August.

inFamous: First Light features someone else than Delsin on the box, given that this expansion will follow Abigail Walker’s story. This character is also called Fetch, which will undoubtedly spawn a million Mean Girls references.

Fetch has similar pseudo-punk allures as Delsin’s hipster counterpart. Neon color flashes are also still a big thing for the PS4 game.

Those who preorder the digital content of inFamous: First Light will receive an additional costume. It’s uncertain whether this is also true for the boxed version.

While a copy of the main release isn’t necessary, owning it will unlock special content in inFamous: First Light.

inFamous: Second Son released in March of this year. Despite some strong reviews and a pretty extensive marketing campaign behind the iteration, a Metacritic score “only” reflects a score of 80.

This puts the release somewhere in the top 20 range of games, behind items like Resogun, Towerfall and SteamWorld Dig. We’re now taking bets to see if inFamous: First Light can do better.

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