Disney Magical World Finally Coming To Europe

By   /   Jul 30, 2014

It feels like forever, but Europe is finally getting Disney Magical World. Disney’s Animal Crossing, as the game is commonly referred to, will arrive on Nintendo 3DS on October 24, 2014.

That still feels so unfairly long, when North America has already been enjoying the game since April, but at least there’s certainty of a localization now. Originally, the handheld game was brought out in Japan in 2013.

Players embark on a thematic adventure after creating their own avatar. All 3D environments have Disney atmospheres, such as Alice In Wonderland or Aladdin.

Instead of just doing odd jobs like in Animal Crossing, however, Disney Magical World sees its residents manage a café to earn currency. Having a nice place will attract some notable Disney characters and the business features your own personal room as well.

There are also action segments in the game. For instance, it’s possible to go ghost hunting to collect items or perform tasks for other characters.

In Local Play, you’ll be able to connect to other users and visit their towns and cafés. This social club also has the possibility to trade items.

Additionally, Disney Magical World has some downloadable content (DLC) coming. Pirates of the Caribbean will arrive in November of 2014 and add some characters, such as Jack Sparrow, but also more quests.

Disney Magical World’s release will come with some AR cards used for the 3DS augmented reality mini-games. More info on that will follow shortly.

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