New Bravely Second Info Details Agnes, City And Jobs

By   /   Jul 29, 2014

Some lore for Bravely Second has been updated through publisher Square Enix and their official site for the Nintendo 3DS game. Reports from Gematsu lay out the details for a city, a character and some classes.

Guatelatio is the newest location detailed in the post. It ‘s a bombastic city that stands at the Gate of Faith, which defends the Holy Land.

Its architecture makes use of a lot of towers and arches. It seems to draw inspiration from structures like the London Bridge, to give you an idea.

Agnes Oblige, the character detailed in this info reveal, is the one who was able to drive back the Great Void. She ultimately becomes the fourth pope for the Orthodoxy, also present in the city of Guatelatio.

Agnes is a people pleaser, working towards peace between Orthodoxy and Eternia. Unfortunately, the pope is captured during the peace treaty ceremony between those two parties.

Regarding jobs, there are four classes detailed. We’ll list these below:

  • Valkyrie: Your standard attacking class. They’re ideally equipped with a spear, as per the term’s usual modus operandi.
  • Performer: Bards with different names. Sing to boost party member statistics. It’s mainly a support character.
  • Time Mage: Magicians equipped ideally with a wand. They control the flow of time, hence the name. They can also heal or deal damage proportional to enemy health.
  • Red Mage: Magic caster of all trades. Can heal and wield damaging spells, but also stat-affecting magic.

Right now, there isn’t a lot of info pointing towards a release for Bravely Second outside of Japan. It would, however, make sense, given the first game’s success.

Bravely Default was so impactful that it lead publisher Square Enix to rethink how its business strategy worked. They’re now looking towards focusing once more on traditional game designs.

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