Microsoft Offices Investigated, Possible Antitrust Case In China

By   /   Jul 29, 2014

China is cracking down on Microsoft, as offices have been visited by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu locations were confirmed by the company to have received investigators.

Supposedly, this sudden move would be the beginning of an antitrust investigation against the corporate giant. China hereby puts pressure on foreign companies that try to use the country’s population to their advantage.

Previously, China set up an antitrust case with Quallcomm, a manufacturer of mobile chips. If successful in their case, the company could be fined for a total of $1 billion.

China is worried about the monopoly of said companies. In prior moves, the government banned Windows 8 as it stated it was being used for data collection of its citizens.

Windows would also be the biggest operating system by a landslide in the Asian country. It would have 95% of the market, putting it in a monopoly state.

Microsoft has stated that it would actively cooperate with the local government on the matter.

Allegedly, Microsoft would also have had a hand in bribery of officials in 2012. An internal search didn’t come up with any evidence that would verify that, however.

Strangely enough, this news comes just after the statement put out by the company that it would start selling Xbox One consoles, in association with China Telecom. It’s the first official console to be put back on the market, after they were banned over a decade ago.

Games like Guild Wars 2 are also infiltrating the market in China, so it’s not like Microsoft is the only player trying to elbow its way in. Guild Wars 2 managed to hugely boost sales for the game through its Chinese release.

Source: South China Morning Post.

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