The Last of Us Update For PS4 SHAREfactory Inbound

By   /   Jul 29, 2014

An update to SHAREfactory will add more options to the Playstation 4 video editor. This patch is imminent and includes improvements based on community feedback.

One of the more important additions is a way to import screenshots into video projects. This allows the capture gallery to be used as well as video recording.

Photo Mode can also serve as a way to put enhanced pictures in clips. This is available in inFamous: Second Son and it will be in The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 as well.

Speaking of which, the SHAREfactory update will add a theme for The Last of Us Remastered. This comes with a lot of new specified content.

In total, there will be 39 new stickers, 6 transitions, 2 backgrounds and various intro and outro clips. We’re big fans of the smiling brick sticker, but not so much of a big spoiler-y one. Boo, spoilers.

Additional improvements will also affect the user interface.

SHAREfactory was added in April to improve the PS4’s ability to make and share videos. Its transitions it allows users to cut together a series of short videos.

Footage can be smoothed out with transitions, particularly nicely done in theme, such as color flashes in inFamous: Second Son, which has some particular neon focus.  It also allows in-picture commentary with the use of an optional PS4 camera peripheral.

Sony is really banking on The Last of Us Remastered for whatever it can get. In another announcement, the company also revealed that the PS4 port will receive its own bundle in Canada.

We wonder how SHAREfactory clips will affect The Last of Us, since it’s such a story-driven thing.

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