GaymerX: Sponsor Pull, Outcry, Apology And Devolver Digital Pledge

By   /   Jul 29, 2014

Matt Conn, organizer of the GaymerX2 convention in San Francisco this year, revealed on Twitter that publisher NIS America stumped their sponsor deal for the event. In a mail to Conn, a spokesperson states that their promised funds were already allocated without their knowledge.


This hit Conn in a sensitive area, given that the LGBTQ-centered convention was already hurting financially. Earlier this year, the event already had to pull the plug, stating that GaymerX2 would be the last of its scope to be put up.

Coincidentally enough, the event had troubles attracting sponsors to run its large gathering. NIS America is stated to be one of multiple companies giving the event organizers trouble.

In further Twitter messages, Matt Conn expressed frustration at the sponsorship pull, which put GaymerX2 down for $3000 more than it already was. One message mentions:

They’re bullying us because they think they can get away with it and I wanna show the world that you CANT get away with bullying queer geeks.

That’s certainly an overly dramatic response to an admittedly shifty miscommunication. Conn managed to see the error in that line of thinking, offering an apology a few hours later:

I deeply apologize for implying their choice to not pay was related to anything due to my sexuality as I’ve realized that was self projected.

In more uplifting news, publisher Devolver Digital came out to say they would pledge $3000 for a GaymerX convention to happen in 2015. Their message stated:

We pledge $3,000 for a 2015 @GaymerX sponsorship and challenge other game companies that have the means to do the same.

Additionally, GaymerX is taking direct donations from anyone willing to save the event from its doom.

It’s a pretty hectic moment for the convention right now. There’s a lot of demand for this place to exist, but not a lot of means to make it happen.

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