Take A Look At The Crucible Destiny Map ‘Twilight Gap’

By   /   Jul 29, 2014

Did you not get enough Destiny during last week’s Beta event? Well, maybe a bit more of content on the game’s competitive side in The Crucible will cheer you up.

IGN has put up some exclusive footage of a new map in the optional competitive side of things, called Twilight Gap. This takes place on Earth’s environments, near the Old Russia map available during the Beta.

There are two clips to see. One is a rundown of the Twilight Gap map and the other is some live gameplay sessions. We’ll choose the former, so you can take it all in, without worrying about getting super charged at all turns.

Also, the gameplay sessions get plagued with the announcer constantly spouting off what control points are taken or lost. Given the tight-knit pace of the shooter, this is basically a loop of sound, which we could’ve done with a bit less during our time with the game.

Twilight Gap is a mid-size map for Destiny, which is showcased with a lot more indoor locations, tight corridors and multiple hiding spots. Moreover, this industrial area has multiple tiers, which makes use of the game’s boosted jumps to get around.

For reference, Destiny designer Lars Bakken stated that First Light is a larger location, as it also has vehicles and outdoor areas. That map was the greyer one available during the Beta.

Some cosmetics are also displayed, such as cannons on the side of the area that fire off into the distance, to protect this reclaimed ground from alien invasion. That’s some level of dedication to have what are essentially sparring matches in Destiny.

Twilight Gap is only one in multiple activities recently calculated for Destiny’s breadth of content.

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