Xbox One To Be Sold In China In September

By   /   Jul 28, 2014


Microsoft has reached an agreement with China Telecom to sell the Xbox One in China this fall. Starting in September, the console will be linked to the telecommunications company services in an exclusive contract.

China Telecom provides 30 million users with broadband options. This would pair the Xbox One much like TV packages pair cable and internet in one.

Last year, Microsoft signed a deal with TV box maker BesTV to produce the console in Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone.

Along with the bundled deal, reports by Reuters state that the general public would also be able to purchase in China the Xbox One through retail. It’s not really an exclusive deal then, but maybe this comes with a mandatory subscription plan to China Telecom services, though that’s not indicated.

Additionally, the reports don’t include whether or not the console will be paired with a Kinect device or not. Earlier, Microsoft decided to ditch the peripheral to reduce the price.

Since Kinect wasn’t really catching on with the games being produced for Xbox One, it was removed in certain packages. Prior to that, the device was marketed as a necessary addition to the console.

Interestingly enough, Xbox One will be the first official console to be sold in China, ever since the gaming devices were banned in 2000 over mental health concerns. This could give Microsoft a huge boost in sales.

Currently, the Xbox One isn’t selling as well as its direct competitor, Playstation 4, even with the new price that puts it in the same cost range. It is outperforming Nintendo’s Wii U though.

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