The Walking Dead Season 3 Confirmed At Comic-Con

By   /   Jul 28, 2014

Good news for adventure fans, as The Walking Dead isn’t done with pulling at our respective heartstrings. In a recent social media announcement, developer Telltale Games revealed that there will be more game content coming, as stated by the following message:

Confirmed today at San Diego Comic-Con…

Telltale Games President Kevin Bruner and The Walking Dead from Skybound creator Robert Kirkman:

“There WILL be a 3rd season on The Walking Dead from Telltale!”

Currently, the episodic series is on to its penultimate chapter. It still features the young girl, Clementine, as the survival expert that has grown from humble beginnings in the first season of the game.

In The Walking Dead, players are forced to make crushing decisions, pressed by a timer, as the undead swarm and attack from all the corners of the world. Through these multiple conversations, the story gets shaped in a unique way, which resonates into later episodes.

A big factor to consequence-driven story is seen in characters remembering choices from past conversations. These can pop up much later, even in different chapters, to influence the current event outcome.

Along with The Walking Dead, Telltale Games also has a successful episodic story running with The Wolf Among Us. It has similar game mechanisms. The Wolf Among Us recently wrapped up its season to mostly high praise.

The Walking Dead has a habit of killing off its main characters, even if they are well-loved among fans. Betting pools on just how long Clementine will survive can start right now.

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