Hyrule Warriors Gets Gameplay Trailer For Darunia

By   /   Jul 28, 2014

A new gameplay clip has popped up for Hyrule Warriors that shows the previously revealed Darunia character in action. It takes place in the rocky environments, since that’s where Gorons are usually found.

Darunia sports a pretty big hammer that is used to swipe away legions of small minions. This comes with the known drops of rupees and items, since this is a Zelda game, even if it’s in hands of Tecmo Koei.

Along with just regular flurries, Hyrule Warriors holds a few special moves for each character, which comes with some captured scenes. For Darunia, this includes doing some chest bashing, much like a gorilla.

There’s a move that involves rolling up into a boulder, before crashing down on the crowds below. In another special, the hammer is used to repeatedly attack a line of enemies.

Aside from minions, Hyrule Warriors also has a few bigger enemies to defeat. In this case, it’s a big rock dragon that spits fire. Interestingly enough, the dragon’s attack can just briefly be seen inflicting damage on the crowd of minions, signifying friendly fire.

Hyrule Warriors has multiple characters not directly associated with the usual main roles, aside from Darunia. Previous fighters include Impa, Fi and Agitha.

Tingle hasn’t been announced yet, but if that’s not an option, then we’d be highly disappointed.

Japan will receive Hyrule Warriors first on August 14, 2014. Other regions will need to wait a month for this strange Nintendo Wii U exclusive, until September 19 , 20 or 26.

Still, Hyrule Warriors isn’t the first Nintendo and Tecmo Koei hybrid. Prior to that, the Nintendo DS did something similar with Pokémon Conquest.

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