Free Fat Princess On PS3 If You Actually Play This Free Mobile Game

By   /   Jul 28, 2014

Sony has launched Fat Princess: Piece of Cake as a free-to-play title. If you’re expecting us to tell you what console it’s out on, you’re out of luck, since this release is for iOS and Android.

This mobile game will work with a match-3 model, where a board of icons needs to be lined up to make the items disappear. There are over 55 levels in Fat Princess: Piece of Cake.

This comes with a set of power-ups, as well as player progression. You can choose abilities from four classes: Warrior, Ranger, Worker and Priest.

Once, Fat Princess was munching on a real-time strategy title on PS3, with a slightly diminished version on PSP. Its colorful outlook sort of missed its mark with an audience not ready to defend castles to keep fat girls from getting captured.

Still, it was a uniquely entertaining game, where the more a princess ate, the heavier she would become to carry outside of the castle walls. It could become quite the struggle to attain victory.

Good news if you didn’t get the chance to play Fat Princess yet. If you get to level 15 of Fat Princess: Piece of Cake and have an active Facebook account, you’ll receive a voucher to download the PS3 version for free. This deal runs for both the iOS and Android version of the game.

Those who were paying close attention to Sony’s 2-hour E3 presentation may already have caught Fat Princess: Piece of Cake onstage. It was very briefly featured as one of the many free-to-play Playstation Vita titles that will still release this year.

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