Doom Is So Money, It Runs On An ATM Now

By   /   Jul 28, 2014

Australian modders have been able to run a copy of shooter Doom on an automated teller machine, which you know as simply ATM. Instead of spitting out cash, this baby dishes out pain in the form of a classic PC game.

Making Doom run on the device is technically pretty self-explanatory, as the ATM runs on Windows XP, which is more than capable of handling the simple nineties game. Still, the rigging in itself requires a lot more finesse to actually make it work.

There’s some hardware tweaking involved, such as putting in a different board to be able to change the button configuration on the device. This should allow the game to function with the use of the ATM’s side buttons.

This is just a work in progress. Eventually, the modders will want the keypad to act as the movement buttons.

More elaborate still, it could have the printer to put out receipts of completed levels. That way, you can brag about your ATM trips, for once.

Running Doom on things that aren’t supposed to run it is a tradition for the modding community. Since the game’s inception in 1993, the game has been made to work on calculators to just about anything that can hold a screen.

There’s a new Doom on the way as well. Doom 4 is the first new title to come out, after Doom 3 just a decade ago in 2004. This does not include remakes and such.

What device isn’t running Doom by now? That thought is starting to become harder than actually cracking the code on a new platform.

Source: Engadget.

Swingers So money

Swingers So money

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