Destiny Currently Has 148 Activities, 1 Explore Map Per Location

By   /   Jul 28, 2014

Currently, Destiny supposedly has 148 activities. This was calculated in a recent reddit thread that tallies the sum from archived data on DestinyDB. This information is based on the Destiny Beta and does not represent the full release, which will more than likely have a ton more to do.

From the Destiny Beta, which took place across Earth, there have been 23 known story missions and 8 unknown events. There are also 23 Strikes in total and 5 social hubs.

Why are there 5 hubs, you ask? That’s because a lot of the data may have duplicate versions, such as the Tower area for shops, quests and so on.

That means that not all activities are unique, such as nightfall variants for strikes. Still, this is only a piece of the pie, as there will be more destinations to visit than just Earth.

On that note, another reddit thread caught a Twitch stream where a Bungie community manager confirmed that each location will only have one free-roam area. These exploration sections are meant to function as a way to revisit areas, after the finite amount of story missions, to collect more loot.

While these locations serve as the open world aspect of Destiny, there is also a competitive element against other players in The Crucible. These maps are much more confined for six versus six combat.

So, now that the Destiny Beta is over and the game is almost out, what are the thoughts? Does it live up to the hype or are you waiting to see a little more of it?

Let us know in the comments.

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