Mass Effect 4 has a “Spiritual Successor” Vibe, Mako to Return

By   /   Jul 27, 2014

The “Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect” panel of BioWare at San Diego Comic-Con revealed some new information for us yesterday.

While the game will not be a direct sequel to the trilogy, it is still happening in the same universe and BioWare called it as having a “Spiritual Successor” vibe. The game is being powered by Frosbite 3, which allows the developer to achieve things they “couldn’t even imagine before.” The panel though did not hint on as to what exactly they have achieved.

BioWare yet again reminded us that Mass Effect 4 will not feature Commander Shepard, but the new entry will take place during his life time. While the panel was pretty clear that the game’s story will not involve him in any way, there’s always the chance that we might cross paths at some point.

The new Mass Effect will have plenty of customization options, as it should be for a next-gen RPG. BioWare specifically is focusing on cooperative multiplayer for this one and deemed that far more important than competitive multiplayer.

The return of some old characters was hinted. The Mako vehicle for one was confirmed to make its return.

Finally BioWare said that it’s too early to reveal races and other gameplay elements to fans. Also the game isn’t really titled Mass Effect 4, but for now we can all use that placeholder until the developer decides on informing us the true name.

Below you can see the Mako vehicle shown in a slide during the panel, with also the male and female armor sets. Quality is negligible at this point but BioWare or Ea might release better shots in the coming weeks.

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